Join the blog bracket challenge

Spring ball kicks off tomorrow, and March Madness (the real kind, not the "First Four" nonsense) follows a day later, meaning there is plenty of action to come across college's two greatest sports this next month.

Try to earn some bragging rights along the way by joining the Big East/Notre Dame blog bracket challenge. You can join the group on ESPN Tournament Challenge here. And you may have to deal with a number of ecstatic Big East fans, as the group is open to members of both blogs. (And Big East fans have had much more to brag about on the hardwood than the gridiron lately.)

The winner will get a post of his or her choosing in either blog, pending our edits and approval, of course. Last year's winner never followed up afterward to get his two cents in, so let's try not to make that mistake again this year.

Of course, if my Final Four pans out, that won't matter, anyway.