Waiting game for Slaughter, Lewis-Moore

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Shortly after the tear, Jamoris Slaughter would stress himself out, overlooking the simple day-to-day goals of rehab and wondering why he had to rupture the Achilles tendon in his left foot during his senior season.

One month before the NFL draft, Kapron Lewis-Moore is more familiar with that struggle than he wishes to be, taking his frustrations to Twitter at one point after his January surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament he tore in his right knee during the Discover BCS National Championship.

"That was kind of after the surgery; there's nothing you can really do," Lewis-Moore said. "One time I just had a bad day. … But now it's just keeping mentally strong, and I can only get my film out there, and hopefully some of these scouts like what they see on film."

The two former fifth-year Notre Dame defensive players did not envision their college careers coming to a close the way they did, Slaughter's on the first play of the second half of a Sept. 15 victory at Michigan State and Lewis-Moore's in the second quarter of the Jan. 7 loss to Alabama.

Neither player participated in any drills during Tuesday's pro day, and both are hoping for the best as they await to hear about their professional futures.

"Me and Kap, we've had conversations because we're kind of in the same boat," Slaughter said. "You've got to just take it one day at a time. You can't push it too fast because the injury's going to heal on its time, so you've got to play your role and do all the things necessary to get back."

Slaughter estimated he is about 85 percent, and he hopes to be at or near full strength in the next month or so. He said he just started doing some small one-legged jumps, which has been his biggest obstacle on the road to recovery.

"I actually just talked to the Falcons; they have a workout that they do for most of the guys in a certain area of Atlanta and I think I should be in that area," said Slaughter, a Stone Mountain, Ga., native who has been working out at Wellness Performance Institute in Suwanee, Ga. "They bring most of the scouts out from Atlanta and then all the guys in the Atlanta area to do a workout for the Falcons."

Lewis-Moore remains some distance from doing any drills, but he is not conceding that his only options will come in the days following the draft.

"We'll see," he said. "I'm definitely going to stay optimistic for a later-round draft or anything because there's been guys in years past who tore ACLs and got drafted in mid-rounds or late rounds, so I've always got to keep positive."