Bracket Challenge Final Four update

Trey Burke really did a number on my bracket. Really.

My projected champion, Louisville, remains alive, as does one of my two upset picks, Syracuse (Wisconsin was the other … don't ask), but I had the Cardinals topping Kansas in the national title game.

Seriously, if the Jayhawks had hung on to a late 14-point lead Friday night and rolled through Florida like Michigan did, I'd be in great shape.

In any event, I'm in a four-way tie for 10th place in the Big East/Notre Dame blog bracket challenge, with users "Betsyoder" and "travislj15" tied atop the 165-person group with 770 points apiece. Travis, however, is out of remaining possible points, having picked Ohio State to win it all. Betsy, meanwhile, has the Wolverines taking the title.

One weekend and three games remain, with the winner of the challenge getting to write his or her own entry in either the Big East or Notre Dame blog.

I'd imagine someone who picked Louisville would fit in well with a Big East blog post. (I'm looking at you, "JuaMiguelAlv.") But someone taking Michigan? That could make for a juicy post in the Notre Dame blog.