Notre Dame mailblog

Enjoy the weekend.

Steve from Wishing Waters, Ariz., writes: Hello, Matt. My name is Steve. My question for your amusement is this: Which freshman receiver has the best chance to make an immediate impact, and possibly start since day 1? With the departure of young Neal and young Ferguson, someone should have potential, am I right? Steve, out

Matt Fortuna: Steve, I think both James Onwualu and Corey Robinson will see the field this year, and I think Robinson will have the chance to make a number of big plays. He has great speed on the perimeter and nice hands. At 6-foot-4-and-a-quarter, it is easy to see him become a red-zone target this season for the Irish.

Alex Ballentine from New Philadelphia, Ohio, writes: Hey Matt, despite being a TCU fan, I am still an avid reader of your blog. I appreciate your contributions to society. As a matter of fact, my friend and colleague, Bronson from New Philadelphia, Ohio wrote you a question a few mailbags ago. My question is about the offense. I've been hearing that Everett Golson has been getting bigger and stronger this offseason and has been progressing very nicely. Assuming he continues to develop in the mental aspect of the game, do you see Brian Kelly tweaking the offense and running a faster tempo like he did in his Cincinnati days? Thanks in advance.

Matt Fortuna: Thanks for the kind words, Alex. How do you end up as a TCU fan living in Ohio? I think the offense will go as Golson goes as it relates to speed, and I think that's part of the reason so much was put into him last season. He is unquestionably the quarterback of the future and has the best improvisational skills on the team. Becoming more durable will be essential with so much time left for him to see on the field, and I think he is the guy that Kelly sees as eventually getting Notre Dame's offense to the pace he wants it to be.

Steven from Miami writes: Matt, always enjoy your insight and comments. It seems that Notre Dame and NBC have completed their contract negotiations at least 18 months in advance of the TV contract expiring. In fact Swarbrick indicated mid last year and again in January of this year that the deal was within 30 days. What is status? Has Notre Dame association with ACC and ESPN holding this up...does Notre Dame take opportunity to go out and freelance for first time in many years insofar as TV contract. I look forward to your response. Steve

Matt Fortuna: Thanks, Steven. While nothing has been signed or announced in the time frame that Jack Swarbrick originally gave back in the summer, the program has always said it has every intention to re-up with NBC. They said the delay at the time was more a matter of creating new platforms for the program to showcase itself, and other supplementary matters. Given the way last season went, it's probably a good thing that the Irish did not sign anything last summer, as its value has only risen.