Waiting continues at Notre Dame Stadium

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame is scheduled for a school-record five night games this season, including a stop next week in Ann Arbor, Mich.

The Fighting Irish will likely get good preparation for that whenever the second-half of its opener against South Florida resumes, as the team is currently waiting out what is believed to be the first weather delay, home or away, in its 123-plus year history.

Fans took cover in the hoops team's Joyce Center next door, along with other nearby campus buildings. The athletic department announced a little less than an hour after the first half ended that a more serious storm was headed here, bringing high winds with it.

Once the weather clears, officials will meet with the head coaches to collectively determine how much time each team will need to warm up before resuming play.

According to the NCAA, three full periods must be played for a game to be considered official.

In a television interview, Irish athletic director Jack Swarbrick said each team met and would try to provide food for the players as they waited. The sides also went over ground rules for the break -- namely, that neither team can watch film.

Trailing South Florida 16-0 as it went into the break, Notre Dame will happily oblige.