Looking ahead to the 2014 draft

Notre Dame just missed out on having two first-round draft picks for the second straight season. Next year's draft may offer the Irish a chance to make up for it.

Scouts Inc.'s Todd McShay has his early 2014 first-round draft board up, and, while it is easy to say "what if," he does include three players that could have formed Notre Dame's starting defensive line in 2014.

Louis Nix is No. 7, Stephon Tuitt is No. 18 and former Irish and current USF end Aaron Lynch is No. 28.

This is all, of course, pending each's decision with a year of eligibility remaining (or, in Lynch's case, two years).

Nix would seemingly take that chance after weighing his decision heavily this past winter, as he will have his degree and have little else to prove as well. Tuitt, for his part, has never indicated that he has any plans to leave early, but that decision is obviously not one he is in a rush to make.

This trio has been popping up all over the place during this past week following the draft.