Coaches try hand at TSM

One of the staples of the Notre Dame football team the past couple of seasons has been the YouTube series "Trick Shot Monday," which is pretty self-explanatory: A group of football players try to bounce a ping-pong ball into a cup.

Easier said than done, as a number of Irish coaches recently found out.

In a funny parody of the football team's weekly contest, Notre Dame head coaches Bobby Bayliss, Jay Louderback, Randy Waldrum, Deanna Gumpf, Christine Halfpenny and Bobby Clark -- along with bloggin' extraordinaire Josh Flynt -- enter athletic director Jack Swarbrick's office to try their hand.

No such luck, until cornerback Bennett Jackson walks in -- taking a study break, of course -- and calmly sinks a shot that would make Larry Bird proud.

Swarbrick keeps his cool throughout it all, tapping away at his keyboard during the commotion before he steps up to the plate himself after everyone else exits his office.

The YouTube video was part of the athletic department's O.S.C.A.R.S. (Outstanding Student-Athletes Celebrating Achievements & Recognition Showcase) celebration on May 1, generating more than 16,000 views since it was uploaded Thursday.

For a school that has a reputation for often taking itself too seriously, this is a very welcome reprieve.

With a very nice sweet and subtle celebration from Mr. Swarbrick to cap it all off at the end.