Poll: Should Vanderdoes lose a year?

The Eddie Vanderdoes saga came to an end Tuesday, with the five-star recruit heading to UCLA after Notre Dame refused to release him from his national letter of intent.

The rare scenario puts Vanderdoes in an odd spot: He cannot play this season for the Bruins, and he will then have just three years of playing time left to be covered during a four-year period.

The news has again opened the discussion about whether coaches have too much power, and if players are the ones ultimately being penalized by having their eligibility shortened.

Did Notre Dame do the right thing by holding firm? If they released Vanderdoes from his NLI in June, that could set a bad precedent for the future and render national signing day virtually useless, since it may encourage teams to actively recruit signed players.

Then again, coaches jump from school to school all the time without penalty, and they have salaries that are just slightly higher than the ones student-athletes make ... which is to say that coaches have actual salaries.

What do you think? I know the readership of this blog is probably not shedding tears right now for a player who ditched the Irish, but I'm genuinely curious to get everyone's take on this.

NCAA expert John Infante offers an insightful Q&A on the issue here.

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