Notre Dame to debut perfume line

When I think of "Notre Dame" and "scent," I usually think of hot tailgate grills, smoke-filled air and any other refreshments that accompany a fall game day in South Bend, Ind.

Turns out there may be a lot more than that in the near future.

The school will be releasing a perfume, developed by Steiner Collectables and The Cloudbreak Group.

From ABC News' Samantha Riley:

Alyssa Atzeff, marketing director for the The Cloudbreak Group, said the appeal of these school-specific brands comes from the emotional connection developed to the tight-knit university.

“When you wear a fragrance, you are embodying the essence, status, and spirit of that brand,” she told ABC News via e-mail. “Students, alumni, and fans exhibit a powerful connection to their universities, a passion that can be extended through the creation of the Notre Dame fragrance.”

Notre Dame director of licensing Michael Low said the decision as the next logical product to offer consumers with varying tastes and preferences.

“Some consumers enjoy purchasing apparel, some housewares, some jewelry,” he said. “You ask ‘why [perfume]‘? I ask ‘why not?’”

The same company producing the Notre Dame line also released the New York Yankees fragrance last year. MLB sells fragrances for the Red Sox, Dodgers and Rangers, too. And Masik Collegiate Fragrances has lines for a number of big schools.

No word yet on what exactly this scent will actually smell like, but it will carry a hefty price tag: $62 for a 3.4-ounce bottle of ND Gold for Men or Lady Irish Eau De for women.

And, yes, for those wondering, the fragrance will also be featured in women's shower gel and body lotion, men's hair and body wash, aftershave, hand sanitizer and, of course, lip balm.