Adidas unveils Shamrock Series unis

Best Shamrock Series uniforms yet?

That's at least the early vibe circulating social media, which, as always with these things, was the outlet for a sneak peek at the gear Notre Dame will be wearing two months from now when it faces Arizona State in Arlington, Texas.

(And, in the Notre Dame blog's opinion, an appropriate vibe.)

The jerseys are very similar to last year's, with all-white everything apparently the theme this time around — a slightly different look considering that the Oct. 5 tilt is technically a home game, the fifth in the new tradition.

We all remember last year, as athletic director Jack Swarbrick and an Adidas rep revealed the multi-colored helmet and navy jersey at preseason media day, with Manti Te'o and Tyler Eifert doing their best runway impressions and the college football corner of the social media world collectively exploding.

Complaints seem few and far between so far with the 2013 uniforms, though the video showing a No. 5 with a strikingly similar frame to that of a certain former Irish quarterback could irk a few.

For now, kudos to Mr. Swarbrick and adidas.