More tidbits on stadium expansion

The long-anticipated unveiling of Notre Dame Stadium's expansion plans have brought about plenty of questions, as did last spring's announcement that the school would look into expanding the building's use. But the school has done a great job Wednesday of answering most of those questions by launching a website: crossroads.nd.edu

There, a video tour of the new project is available, giving a unique look at what the final product may be when it is all said and done. The site also has an FAQ section that details many specifics as it relates to student and academic use, amenities, seating and other potential problems or hassles the construction may cause.

In addition, "The Project" also offers sketches and videos of what each building addition -- West, South, East -- might feature.

As I mentioned earlier in an interview with our Prim Siripipat, it is important to note that there remains no decision on a playing surface (that decision will likely come independently sometime this offseason) and, perhaps more surprisingly, still no official plans for a jumbotron of any kind, underscoring the sensitivity of those issues and the fine line the program often needs to tread when modernizing itself.

Would it be surprising if there eventually is a videoboard? No, especially since there is a rather vanilla scoreboard rendering in the current project. (And don't worry, Touchdown Jesus won't be blocked either way.)

As for the utmost concern here, us media will be moving to the East side of the stadium to the ninth floor, six stories higher than where we sit now. (Though TV, operations and coaches will remain on the West side.) So what do you guys think? Drop me a note in the mailbag or on Twitter.