Irish lunch links: Criminoles?

At this point, there is probably a small fortune to be made in the creative T-shirt game when it comes to sports. Notre Dame fans are no strangers to this, as phrases such as "Catholics vs. Convicts" are still used regularly to describe past matchups. (Meanwhile others, such as "Catholics vs. Cousins," failed to really take off.)

Could we have a new slogan on our hands in 2014? Some fans seem to think so.

A T-shirt with the phrase "Catholics vs. Criminoles" has surfaced this offseason, in anticipation of the Irish's Oct. 18 matchup at Florida State. These are two of the most storied programs in college football history, and, of course, Seminoles quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston has faced no shortage of scrutiny for off-the-field issues, the most recent being his theft of crab legs.

The shirt does touch on that, showing a picture of a crab next to the name "Criminoles." (There is a leprechaun doing the Heisman pose next to "Catholics.")

If Notre Dame can go into Tallahassee in three months and come out victorious, perhaps we'll see this headline take off. The teams will, after all, play each other more regularly now -- roughly every three years -- with Notre Dame's ACC affiliation. But if the game proves to be unremarkable, I doubt we'll even remember this shirt, much like the many Notre Dame/Alabama shirts that surfaced before the 2013 BCS title game.

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