Irish lunch links: More future rankings

Our five-man panel used a formula earlier this week to determine that Notre Dame is the No. 9 college football program set up for the next three years. Brian Fremeau and his Football Outsiders team tried something similar, using their own formula.

Using their weighted five-year program ratings — relying on program trajectory as a better indicator than previous-year data — the group lists its top 10 future programs, along with the next five.

The differences are pretty eye-opening. And Notre Dame does not make the list.

That's hardly the biggest difference between the two lists, with other teams appearing on one and not the other, while others see their positions roughly 10 places apart in the separate rankings.

As always, it's interesting to see who excels in different categories, and how each program is set up for the future, as Fremeau and his team project future win percentage and playoff likelihood for the next three years as well.

As for the rest of the links to get you into your weekend ...