Goodman able to laugh off close call

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- John Goodman had trouble sleeping last Wednesday night.

It was not that his sense of security was stolen as much as it was that his bedroom had a broken window and the lights did not work.

"My eyes definitely opened every other minute while I was sleeping," the Notre Dame receiver said.

Goodman said his four-person, off-campus house was broken into by a pair of robbers, who took the senior's book bag and iPod.

He has taken a light-hearted approach to the close call, posting Thursday on Twitter: "Im not mad bout those robbers stealin my sense of security. Rather the fact they stole my bookbag containing my favorite mechanical pencils"

Goodman said only roommate Zach Maxwell, a fellow Notre Dame student, was home when one man broke in through a back window upstairs, went downstairs and then unlocked the door for his accomplice.

The intruders did not know Maxwell was home, Goodman said, and Maxwell locked his bedroom door and called the cops, who made it in time to hold one of the robbers at gunpoint while the other one got away.

Police obtained the name of the other suspect, Goodman said. He laughed while saying that the man went by the name "Took."

Goodman's other roommates are John Deggelman and Irish senior nose guard Brandon Newman. The latter, Goodman said, had his laptop stolen.

"We have yet to find that stuff, which is pretty sad," Goodman said. "But I guess his name puts me in high spirits, if anything."