Irish the focus for Fisher, FSU

Jimbo Fisher wasted no time getting to his point Tuesday when asked if he will have an eye toward next season while preparing Florida State for its Dec. 29 matchup with Notre Dame in the Champs Sports Bowl.

The 2011 season may be nearing its end, but it is not finished yet.

"The goal is to win the game," the Seminoles' second-year coach said. "Because I think for your seniors and everybody else, it's about the kids. The kids on this team. You have to understand: After this year, this team dies. Your life expectancy for a team is one year. That group of guys is never together ever again. Every team has a one-year life expectancy. That's it. After every year that team is never the same. That's why you always say — it's not the same. The dynamic of it, the family of it, the people in it. Every team after every year. It was born on Jan. 1, they have a one-year life expectancy till after the bowl game. After that it's not the same."

Fisher disagreed with the perception that the game would be a matchup of two disappointing teams that failed to meet preseason expectations, though he did say the Irish were very similar in that they were a few plays away from having several more wins this season.

"I'm not disappointed," Fisher said. "I like our team. The growth of our team. The maturity of our team. I'm disappointed in some of the outcomes, but I'm not disappointed in our team. I think our team may have grown more this year than we did last year. We come out of it, we learn some valuable lessons."

The fast-talking Fisher later went on a bit of a tangent when asked about the potential recruiting implications of playing a bowl in the state of Florida.

Among the highlights:

"The world's changed. It's not a regional world anymore. It's not even a national world. It's a global world. The internet, the Facebooks, the Twitters, the accounts, all that stuff has changed. TV. Tell me a game you can't watch. Tell me a team you can't watch in this country, on whatever level. And that's great. So I don't know if those impact things as much as we used to be because of, back then, the travel to Atlanta from Orlando years ago, that was a major deal. Now we go to China and back. I don't think those issues are the same as they used to be years ago."