Hinton deflects OSU rumors

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Facing a media contingent Monday that had not had a chance to speak with him since Urban Meyer took over as Ohio State's head coach, Notre Dame running backs coach Tim Hinton was asked if he will remain with the Irish if Brian Kelly wants him around next year.

His response:

"Here's what I know: I am coaching at the University of Notre Dame. That's all for everything else, and that's all for everybody else. I've got one thing to do: I'm gonna coach Cierre Wood, I'm gonna coach Theo Riddick, which kind of got you guys last week, didn't it? And I'm gonna coach George [Atkinson III] and Cam [McDaniel] and that's the only thing we can do. And that's the bottom line: We're coaching the heck out of them. And do I want to be at Notre Dame? Absolutely."

The Buckeyes hired Meyer as their head coach Nov. 28. Meyer and Hinton have both been graduate assistants under former Ohio State head coach Earle Bruce.

Steve Hinton, Tim's brother, told the Lancaster Eagle Gazette on Nov. 29 that he would not be surprised if Meyer offered Tim Hinton a job.

"Whenever Urban has gone to be a head coach, he has offered Tim jobs," Steve Hinton said. "(Tim) had young kids and didn't want to move for that reason. I know Tim and Urban talk throughout the year, and that they had a really good working relationship."

Steve Hinton was unsure whether his younger brother would accept an Ohio State position under Meyer if he was pursued.

"It would be a tough decision to stay or to come home, especially because he loves Notre Dame and the atmosphere that's there," Steve Hinton said. "As a brother, I would love for him to come home, but I would understand if he stayed at Notre Dame."

On Monday, Tim Hinton said there are no offers on the table.

"Don't read anything behind the scenes," Hinton said. "I'm telling you, there's nothing behind the scenes. And obviously I am in a great place with Coach Kelly, I love where I'm at. And the bottom line is this is a very special place."

Hinton said he was not surprised Meyer got back into coaching after a one-year hiatus, saying there are few who leave the game without immediately missing it.

"No, not really," Hinton said. "It's the funniest thing, and I tell people this all the time, because I'm very diverse — I was a high school coach for a long period of time and then college football. You name the guy that got out that didn't want back in. You name it. Because who knows who that guy is? You know what I mean? Every one, and I keep thinking as I get grayer and older I keep thinking: my time's coming.

"But every one of my buddies have all gotten back in, wanting to do something. None of them want to sit on a couch and relax, I can tell you that. So in that part of it, no it doesn't surprise me in that fashion. God bless him. I wish him a lot of luck at Ohio State. He's obviously proven to be a great football coach. The bottom line is I don't want him touching any of my recruits, you know? That's how it goes and works, right?"