Notre Dame chat wrap: Dec. 23

Thanks to all who stopped by for our final pre-bowl chat. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

For those who couldn't make it, here's the chat in its entirety.

Among the highlights:

  • Kyle (Gloucaster, MA): Matt-What is your true opinion on the quarterback situation? My concern is this: If Everett Golson doesnt get on the field next year he is going to transfer (high possibility). The kid has ALL the tools to be a very special player for ND and it would be sad to have all this quarterback confusion cause him to leave.... thoughts?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:09 PM): Kyle, transfers usually happen when a player feels he was promised something by his coach that wasn't eventually delivered. If one guy emerges over another and earns the majority of the snaps, that's simple competition. If the loser doesn't want to sit and learn before his time comes, is that someone you really want on your team? None of that is to imply Golson is that kind of kid. He's the exact opposite, from everything I have heard. But if he isn't the starter next year I would believe it's because he wasn't the best option, plain and simple.

  • Lane Kiffin (Los Angeles): Who will still at his current job longer, me or Brian Kelly?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:31 PM): If you almost give Pat Haden another heart attack like you nearly did Wednesday (detailed by Arash Markazi here), it will be Brian Kelly.

  • Hap (New York): Matt, Notre Dame has lost 5 out the last 6 to USC and both sides seem to be treating it fairly light do you think this rivalry is fading?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:45 PM): Hap, did you read USC's comments before and after the game? Did you see everything ND put into this one -- first night game in 21 years, blue towels, shiny new helmets? And this was all before anyone realized USC was really good this year. Neither side is taking it lightly, and it's one rivalry I don't think will ever truly die given the rarity of such teams so far away from each other meeting every year. Going off that, here's one carrot for ND fans next year now that Matt Barkley is coming back: A chance to upset USC in the final week of the season and maybe even crush their national title hopes.

  • Chris (DC): IF ND had to join a conference (and that's a big IF), what are your feelings as to what ND would prefer: the ACC or the B1G?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:59 PM): Chris, if I'm in charge I say ACC. It keeps your options open along the East Coast for football and basketball, which I'm sure Mike Brey would like. Go to the Big Ten and you're marginalized -- just another tradition-rich Midwestern school in a sea of them: UM, OSU, PSU, Nebraska, etc.