Notre Dame chat wrap: Feb. 3

Thanks again to those who stopped by for the weekly Notre Dame chat. The full transcript is available here.

A sampling:

  • Lucas (Indiana): With all the talk about the QB's and who might start...who is going to be the WR's that are going to step up? Is there anyone on the roster that the coaches are looking forward to see play or get more passes thrown their way? And is Theo Riddick a RB next season or WR?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:19 PM): Lucas, that's what makes the Greenberry loss hurt so much. Michael Floyd told the SBTribune this week he thinks Daniel Smith is a sleeper. I think TJ Jones is a very good receiver, but he's no Floyd (few are). I wouldn't be surprised if someone was moved there — be it Theo or Atkinson — with the newfound depth at RB.

  • Raphael (Chicago): how many players besides Floyd will get drafted this year?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:25 PM): Raphael, Harrison Smith definitely. Darius Fleming, Robert Blanton and Gary Gray likely will, too, though you never know when you get to those later rounds. Here's hoping a team takes a shot on Jonas Gray, too, though it's tough to gauge how recovered he will be at that time.

  • Andrew (Michigan): Matt you have to look at Golson's high school tape & know hes the guy to lead the Irish next year right? Theres no better athlete or arm in the group.

  • Matt Fortuna (2:28 PM): Andrew, you cannot make that assertion based on just high school tape. Sure, the skill set is there, but how will it measure up against elite college defenses, not HS ones? How will the kid handle all of the attention that comes with being the QB at Notre Dame? How will he bounce back from a mistake? None of this is to say Golson can't do it, and I am as anxious as anyone to see how his skills translate to the college level, but you can't say he's "the guy" based off just HS highlights.

  • Otto (CA): Do you got Matt Barkley throwing for 400 against ND?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:48 PM): Otto, ND probably won't be the only team he has a big day against, though the combination of a POTENTIAL title game spot and POTENTIAL Heisman candidacy up for grabs there could make that game interesting on many levels.