Notre Dame mailbag

It sounds like a certain coach has gotten on your nerves ...

David from Seattle writes: Hey Matt,I like have said in previous comment to you about Coach Kelly, This will be his last year in South Bend. Kelly can't handle the PRESSURE of being the HEAD COACH. His EGO and being embrassed affect his coaching and players appreciations. To bag up ND Nation point, Les Mile(michigan guy) calls out ONE OF YOUR GUYS(Gunner) and you have not even back up the School or ONE OF YOUR GUY. Remember last year comment of Your Guys.

Matt Fortuna: David, the comments became public after all of Kelly's media appearances that day, so he wasn't asked or given a chance to respond. But what do you want him to do? Call a press conference to respond to petty comments from a bitter coach? He always preaches taking the high road and not getting into a shouting match, particularly after the USC game this year, so it would do no good to go out of your way to make retaliatory comments, especially when you have the last laugh already in landing Gunner Kiel.

@LarryDavidSr writes: Pathetic. Why would a coach of a major program attack the charcter of an18 year old. No doubt gunner made the rightr call

Matt Fortuna: First off, LOVE the Twitter handle. And no, I don't know why the coach of a major program would attack the character of a kid like that. Coming from a guy who has seemed, at least from a distance, to be a hit during public speaking engagements and press conferences, it seems all the more disappointing.

Jason from Chicago: Please write something about how Justin Tuck not getting the SB MVP is one of the biggest disappointments related to Sunday's game.

Matt Fortuna: Jason, loved Tuck's postgame comments on how Eli stole his MVP again. He certainly deserves consideration, but at the end of the day you have to go with the guy who orchestrated the game-winning drive in the title game. Eli's performances in the clutch in the past seemed to give people an expectation to deliver there, but that shouldn't make it any less impressive.