Salvi's impressive streak continues

Chris Salvi received the news last week that any walk-on (or parent of a walk-on) dreams of: the safety earned a scholarship for his senior season. But the honor hasn't softened the former Butler transfer's edge, as evidenced by his performance this week in the ring.

Yes, the ring.

Salvi defeated Brian Tower in the second round of Tuesday's 188-pound Bengal Bouts semifinal, evading early hits and connecting on an array of body shots before dominating.

From Notre Dame's student newspaper, The Observer:

The second round was fully dominated by Salvi, as he landed an early uppercut on Tower's face that left Tower sprawling on the ground. After a brief stoppage, Tower tried to go on the attack, but Salvi stopped him in his tracks with a quick upper body shot that knocked Tower down for the second time.

The referee then decided to end the fight in the second round, giving Salvi the victory.

Salvi advanced to Saturday's finals, where he will face Adrian Moreno. The fight starts at 7 p.m. and will be broadcast live on the school's official athletic website, UND.com.

The Bengal Bouts, Notre Dame's annual charity boxing tournament, has benefited the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh since 1931.

Salvi won't be the only family member in the spotlight Saturday: His brother, Brian, will face Connor Skelly in the 180-pound final following a third-round win Tuesday over Joe Garrity.