Notre Dame chat wrap: March 16

Thanks for putting aside your March Madness viewing and stopping by the Notre Dame chat today. A full transcript can be found here.

And on with some highlights ...

  • Kenny (Bronx, N.Y.): Did Kellys comments about Tee's cousin have any affect on him goin back to Cali? Will Carlisile get any run this year as a 3rd down back or kick returner?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:08 PM): Kenny, that thought did cross my mind on national signing day, but I'm honestly not sure. There could be plenty of reasons why an 18-year-old kid does not mesh well with a school far away from home, so I won't speculate without pretty solid information. I could definitely see Carlisle getting extended playing time in the backfield this season, and you bring up an interesting point with the kick (or maybe even punt) return game. There should be some healthy options back there, so we'll see if that's an area Notre Dame can improve this season.

  • Ryan (North Canton, Ohio): Nd's secondary is going to be in trouble because of lack of experience. Is there anything that you can tell me to give me some confidence?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:14 PM): Nope, you're right. Four CBs on scholarship, zero combined starts. Facing Landry Jones and Matt Barkley, among others. That's not to say the guys there now can't step up and be good, but it's definitely not something to feel comfortable about at the moment.

  • LG (Columbus, Ohio): Matt,With the defection of Tee Sheppard and the plethora of skilled players to go along with Carlisle being elidgable, does this all but make it a certainity that Neal will be, atleast early in his ND career, a CB? ND only has 4 (unproven) on scholly..... Barkley, Jones and D-rob most be licking their chops!!!

  • Matt Fortuna (2:17 PM): LG, I'd imagine, at least early on, that's where Neal will be. That's far from an easy position to master early -- plus he won't be at ND in the spring -- and the margin for error is so small. But I don't think ND has a choice right now.

  • Derrin (Plano, Texas): Who will Brian Kelly look to next season to replace Michael Floyd and provide some big plays for the offense at WR?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:45 PM): Derrin, Justin Ferguson and DaVaris Daniels should have a chance, and I think TJ Jones is a very good receiver as well. None will likely do what Floyd did, especially not this early, but I think there are enough solid options for whoever ends up starting at QB.