Kelly 18th on SN's coach rankings

The ambitious duo of Steve Greenberg and Matt Hayes over at the Sporting News made a list for everyone to debate about: the ranking of every single FBS coach, No. 1-124.

Alabama's Nick Saban is the unsurprising leader of the rankings, coming in at No. 1. As for No. 124? UMass' Charley Molnar, though it's hardly an indictment of the former Notre Dame offensive coordinator, as he is a first-time head coach taking over a program jumping to the FBS this season.

The one readers of this blog care most about, Brian Kelly, checks in pretty favorably, coming in at No. 18. Why? From the story:

There’s too much good in Kelly’s history to give up on him now—or think some kind of Irish jinx is in play. The reality is Notre Dame underachieved last season, and probably overachieved in Kelly’s first season. So where does that leave 2012 for the program still trying to find itself again? It’s essentially Kelly’s roster now; there’s no more blame for the previous staff. He’ll win—or lose—because of roster and personnel decisions he has made.

A BCS coach says: “This slow transition must be killing Brian right now. He’s a results guy, and I think he thought he had something last season—and all those turnovers cost them at least two, maybe three, games. You’re going to see that team play with a different sense of urgency this season. Once his teams buy in, he’s usually very successful.”

Kelly comes in at No. 2 among coaches of independent schools, behind BYU's Bronco Mendenhall (No. 15 overall). As for rankings that may also be of interest to readers of this space: Kansas' Charlie Weis is No. 40 and New Mexico's Bob Davie is No. 96.