Poll: ND's best individual season

You've seen what we're doing this week: Looking back at the greatest individual seasons of the past 50 years. On Monday, you read who I saw as the best of the Notre Dame bunch from the last half-century.

Now we want to hear from you.

Did I rely too much on individual accolades? (The top two were Heisman winners.) Do some of the older readers think I neglected the '60's and '70's too much?

Where do Jerome Bettis, Joe Montana or Ross Browner fit in?

Vote in our poll among the three I listed Monday. If you click "other," shoot me a note in the mailbag explaining why. (Feel free to contact me either way.) I'll run the best responses later on in this space.

And remember, we're talking about single seasons here, not college or NFL careers in their entireties.