Hot-seat ratings

Perhaps the most popular buzz term I see in my mailbag and chats is the "hot seat" as it pertains to Brian Kelly.

CBSSports.com's Dennis Dodd released his annual hot seat rankings this week, giving each coach a rating from 0.0 (coldest) to 5.0 (hottest).

Kelly comes in with 3.5 rating, up from his 1.0 of a year before. Nineteen other coaches received a hot-seat rating between 3.0 and 3.5, which means they are "on the bubble, feeling pressure."

I think this rating says more about the pressure of the Notre Dame job than it does the job Kelly has done in two years. Yes, many expected a better performance than his 16-10 record so far -- especially last season -- but there is a stability that wasn't there in his previous regime, mainly with recruiting in the trenches and on the defensive side of the ball. Twenty-five years without a championship, plus several offseason defections and arrests, tend to make people more antsy than they already were.

Other coaches that may be of interest to readers of this space: Kansas' Charlie Weis (2.0), UCF's George O'Leary (3.5), New Mexico's Bob Davie (2.5) and USC's Lane Kiffin (1.0).