Notre Dame chat wrap: Aug 9

It's good to be back chatting, folks. Thanks for stopping by. A full transcript is available here for those who missed it. And here are some highlights ...

  • Brian Frisch (Cincinnati, Ohio): Is the pattern still Golson getting most of the reps at QB? Or has that situation changed more recently?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:16 PM): Brian, BK has said the reps have been split pretty evenly between the two. Golson was running the first-team tempo drills and did so in live action yesterday. We'll see how that shakes out, as it's far from a done race (though I think Golson will be the guy to beat.)

  • Josh (Columbus, Ohio): From everything I've seen and read so far, it sounds as though Bennett Jackson has the potential to be a shut down CB for the Irish. If this is indeed the case, how is the battle between Atkinson and Wood shaping up at the other CB position?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:26 PM): Josh, yesterday was the first time BK said with any real sort of definity that Lo Wood can be a good player. I think he'll be the starting field corner, though he's not as sure a thing as Bennett Jackson at this point.

  • Ryan (North Canton, Ohio): I have to think that ND will focus heavily on running the football. Do you think Atkinson and Carlisle will get many carries this year behind Wood and Riddick?

  • Matt Fortuna: Ryan, Carlisle will be an interesting situation, as he is still favoring his ankle and is only about 80 percent. Wood and Riddick are far and ahead of everyone else, and GA3 could see some meaningful time there as well. ND has a good problem back there. Yesterday a good portion of their live action was on screen passes and swing passes out of the backfield. I think the running game -- and more specifically the running backs -- will have a very strong year.

  • Adam (Milwaukee): From your blog entry on the open media practice, it sounds like Golson was pretty rough around the edges. In the limited time it seemed like Hendrix was fairly poised when he was thrown in there last year. His arm looks great and he is a power runner (Tebow-ish). In limited spring time, Golson's numbers came out well, but I wouldn't consider it earth-shattering. Seems like Hendrix is just, not only safer, but more experienced and poised and would be better suited to be the starter over Golson who would have to go through the bumps/jitters that Hendrix may have already gone through. Does Hendrix seem like the best bet to you? He does to me and I was really excited about what I saw from him in a real game that counts aside from a few hiccups after being thrown into the fire.

  • Matt Fortuna (2:43 PM): Adam, Golson looked better yesterday until live drills, where I think Hendrix performed a little bit better. His completion percentage was better and he wasn't afraid to take off and run up the middle when things broke down. Then again, he tossed a swing pass to Cierre Wood that almost killed him, so he wasn't exactly perfect, either. I do think last year's experience certainly helped him, but the fact he couldn't earn any more time than he did late in the season is alarming to me. And everyone's going to go through a welcome-to-college-football moment; it shouldn't be the deciding factor in naming a starter though. Especially against a defense like Navy's.