Notre Dame chat wrap: Aug. 17

Thanks to all of you for stopping by during today's weekly Notre Dame chat. As always, the transcript can be found here. We'll return Thursday at 2 p.m.

Among today's highlights:

  • Ryan (Dover, N.H.): Matt, how do you feel about Notre Dame's young wide reciever corps a.k.a Davonte, Justin, Chris, and Davaris? Who do you think will redshirt and who do you believe will contribute as a solid backup or to overtake a starting spot?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:03 PM): Ryan, all have looked very good so far, and all spoke very well when we got to chat with them Monday. I'd expect all to see action this season, with Davonte Neal seeing the most playing time, as looks to be the No. 2 slot guy and a potential factor on special teams.

  • Andrew (Fort Wayne, Ind.): Hey Matt! Please do me a favor and tell these cry-babies to join the 21st Century. All these "traditionalist" are ripping ND for these new uni's and its pathetic. Its for 1 game people...CHILL OUT! Like it or not, its going to happen every year for at least the foreseeable future, so get used to it. They really need to take a step back off the ledge, cause there is no telling what their gonna do when FieldTurf and a Jumbotron comes (which will probably happen next year for at least FieldTurf). 18-22yr old kids LOVE it, which last I checked is the age bracket that actually suit up on Saturdays. Do they realize that the ND uniform has changed MANY times over the years? Do they realize ND Stadium used to have a manually operated scoreboard and the old stadium never had lights? Do they realize they added 20,000 seats to the stadium and now the facade looks nothing like the old brick that it used to be? I love ND's tradition as much as the next guy, but will somebody tell these whiners that mixing our tradition with a little modern flavor isn't wrong....in fact its actually a good thing!? If anybody reading this is one of those people....get off your computers, throw away your cell phones, trash your flat screen TV's cause they are far too advanced for your shallow minds! Here's to ND thumping Miami and looking pretty sweet in the process!

  • Matt Fortuna (2:11 PM): And we have our first uniform rant of the day. And wait ... IT'S A POSITIVE ONE?! I don't disagree with you, Andrew. Me? I actually really like the jerseys and pants. The helmet is way out there though, even by 21st century standards. I'm no fashion expert, but I can't say I understand the 60/40 split and whatnot. Like you said, though, the people wearing them seem to like them, and that's what matters.

  • Greg (Skokie, Ill.): BK said he was going to separate the reps between the QB's next week. Any idea on who will be getting the majority?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:26 PM): Everett Golson has run with the first team almost the entire time we've been able to view practice. Barring anything unforeseen, he'll probably get more snaps next week.

  • Brad (Benton, Ky.): Hey Matt, love your stuff. How do you think the young and inexperiences secondary has done through the offseason and how well do you think they will hold up this year against air assaults by Oklahoma and USC?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:59 PM): Appreciate that, Brad. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Bennett Jackson will be good once he gets enough experience. And Lo Wood has been, by all accounts, the biggest riser on the team in camp so far. Kerry Cooks had very strong things to say to me about Wood yesterday. I think the Oklahoma contest will be interesting when you take into account the damage that has been done to the Sooners' o-line. The USC game would still scare me if I were an ND fan, but that's a long ways away.