Brian Kelly radio show recap

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Conferences are growing. Freshmen are getting bigger. Coaching salaries are escalating.

Could Notre Dame Stadium be next to join this era of college football and get high-definition scoreboards? Brian Kelly seems to hope so.

"I think it enhances the game experience more than anything else," Kelly said during his weekly radio show at Legends of Notre Dame. "I'm not afraid to say it's a great addition because it creates a great atmosphere within the stadium."

"Michigan's didn't have any advertising," he added, "so count me in the favor of that. But as I've said many times before, they're not gonna be polling me as to whether we get a jumbotron or not."

Kelly went so far as to say he would be surprised if Notre Dame Stadium didn't eventually receive bigger scoreboards, though he insisted he had no inside information.

"If you're gonna stay in this arena, I'm sure things will eventually change," he said, "it's just gonna take some time."

Kelly does have inside information on the Fighting Irish's uniforms, saying the green jerseys would return for at least one game this season. The question he was answering was if the Irish would wear them against USC on Oct. 22, but the head coach wouldn't disclose the date.

Here are some more notes from Kelly's radio show:

  • He said the pregame meal for a noon game Saturday will be around 9 a.m., with wheat pasta, chicken breasts, baked potatoes and small filets on the menu. Asked who eats the most on the team, Kelly joked: "The guys who know they're not gonna play."

  • Reminded of his last time at Pitt, a 21-point comeback in his final game at Cincinnati that clinched his second straight Big East title, Kelly said, "That was 2009? Feels like 15 years ago."