What to Watch: Week 2 vs. Purdue

Here's what to watch for Saturday as Notre Dame returns home to face Purdue:

1. Slow start. A product of fatigue following the long trip to Dublin? Hardly. Everett Golson himself said he may be more nervous playing in front of a familiar environment than he was making his debut overseas. And Purdue's defensive line will not allow the Irish to run the ball like they did against Navy.

2. One Notre Dame quarterback. Notre Dame will probably win Saturday, but it will be a close, competitive game throughout. Tommy Rees is back and is battling Andrew Hendrix for the No. 2 QB job, but we won't find out which one won that battle until later on down the road.

3. Some new stadium gimmicks. C'mon, something has to be different, no? Maybe not "Crazy Train"-on-every-third-down different, but something. The debate on how to make Notre Dame Stadium a more intimidating place has carried on endlessly, so it would be surprising if Saturday's home opener is the same as every game last year. (Just don't ask Brian Kelly.)