Notre Dame mailblog

Game day is almost here. Until then, let's field a few more questions.

Don Bishop from South Bend, Ind., writes: In my comments to Pat Forde, my point on the quote about fans was only talking about the fans only interested in the game and the final score. It was not my intention for the huge Notre Dame subway alumni base that believes in what Notre Dame stands for as a larger University to be put into that same group. Each year we receive applications from a large number of bright, caring students whose first association with ND was from a parent who admires the University and roots for the football team. We embrace all of these families. I came from one of these families. These fans care about the entire University and we treasure them. Like our alumni, their investment in Notre Dame runs deeper than football Saturdays. In my interactions with the vast majority of the subway alumni they take as much pride in our standards as the alumni. My Irish Catholic grandfather was one of these fans. When I got admitted to Notre Dame he paid for my entire tuition. I know the value of the subway alumni and my comments were only focused on those who do not buy into the entire Notre Dame value system.

Matt Fortuna: Don, thank you for clarifying that and sharing some of your background. Readers, Don is referring to the question and answer from my Aug. 30 chat, which you can go back and read here.

Conor from San Clemente, Calif., writes: After ND's performance against the Midshipmen, is there a chance to see Notre Dame go to a BCS game this season?

Matt Fortuna: Conor, it was just one game against an overmatched opponent, so I wouldn't ride too high just yet. But Everett Golson's poise, along with the complete 180 in the turnover margin from a year ago, is definitely something worth getting excited about as the season moves forward. I think we'll learn a lot about this team Saturday against Purdue.

John Lu from New York writes: I think ND scoring against Navy in last minute was not a class move and frankly B.S. I know teams run up scores in the first week, but this is Navy, in Ireland. They were passing in the last minute. Unnecessary. I will not support ND football the rest of this year!! I hope they get spanked. Your opinion please?

Matt Fortuna: John, I understand where people are coming from, but I really don't see what the Irish could have done differently. I'm OK with throwing four fourth-quarter passes in a blowout, since it was the No. 2 quarterback throwing mostly to second-teamers and newcomers. If you can't work young guys into the mix then, when can you? Now if it were the first team still out there, I'd feel differently.

Mick from Eugene, Ore., writes: Any way we can keep the Irish from wearing those awful uniforms on Oct. 6?

Matt Fortuna: Am I reading this right? A Eugene native calling another uniform ugly? I actually think Oregon's style is pretty neat, but my opinion on matters like these are pretty simple: If you win, the uniform looks good. If not, it's an ugly gimmick. Just look at the Ducks, who get a bunch of praise for their uniqueness, and Maryland, which gets hammered.

Jimmy Phillips from Charlotte, N.C., writes: Matt, any thoughts/rumors regarding position changes for Amir Carlisle and/or Cam McDaniel? I had heard that both were being considered for CB? The CBs (Jackson and Russell) both looked pretty bad on Saturday, from a technique perspective and I am interested to see anyone might be close to overtaking them. Thanks. Jimmy

Matt Fortuna: Jimmy, it wouldn't surprise me if McDaniel moved back. He was cross-training entering the season, and when Cierre Wood comes back — and if Amir Carlisle doesn't redshirt — he would probably be of much better value on the defensive side of the ball.