Kelly pleased with poise, confidence at Pitt

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Brian Kelly gave a longer opening statement than usual Tuesday at his weekly news conference, but he wanted to get a point across.

Saturday was a huge step for Notre Dame.

"What I like about our football team at Pittsburgh is that we showed poise and confidence down the stretch," Kelly said. "Poise to me is the ability to raise your level of concentration when it's most needed. That you can't talk about, you have to go demonstrate that. Confidence is the trust in your teammates that they're gonna do their job so you don't have to do theirs. Those are hard to get to, and I was really pleased, with all the wins that we've had, that was the first time in 2011 that we exhibited poise and confidence."

Kelly cited the fourth quarter at the Big House two weeks ago as an example of how far his team has come since then.

"If you look at the Michigan game, we didn't trust in what we were doing at the end, and consequently we didn't do the job necessary to win that football game. So [Pitt was] the first game we exhibit what I consider necessary ingredients, absolutely crucial ingredients, to be a consistent winner, and that's poise and confidence. So we'll look to build on that as we go to Purdue this weekend."