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What's happening?

Marvin from Rochester, Ind., writes: No doubt ND looks better especially on that D front, that said last week looked to be a good test however Mich ST only showed they were not a top team in the big ten. Watching Mich game right now and ND is up 13-3 but what we are seeing is robinson is not a GREAT passing Qb. If ND holds on to win this one they will be ranked in the top 10... to high? Both Mich and Purdue have decent D lines and average passing QBs and have given ND close games, don't you think once ND faces a real top 10 team with a good passer and all around defense that ND will get blown away?

Matt Fortuna: Marvin, they certainly need to rely less on their defense. Notre Dame through four games looks good enough to have a realistic shot at winning all of its remaining games. By that same token, it has a very slim margin for error and cannot afford to turn the ball over in key spots. You expect more than a seven-point win over a team that turns the ball over six times. Then again, Notre Dame is winning these games this year, something that probably couldn't be said for last year's team.

Josh from Fort Benning, Ga., writes: How much of an issue is the fact that Eifert only has one reception (albeit a huge one) in the last two games?

Matt Fortuna: Josh, I asked offensive coordinator Chuck Martin about this during the week. He said it has more to do with the passing game not being up to speed than any shortcomings on Eifert's part. He is an elite tight end, probably the best in the country, and I think all agree that Notre Dame is much more dangerous when he is making catches. But no one has really stepped up yet when he is double-teamed.

Scott from Phoenix writes: Matt, how "undertalkd" about is Theo Riddick? This kid continually does whatever is asked of him to help the team win. Also, does yesterday's qb "situation" basically mean next year it's slot wr for Everett and it's Gunner's qb job to lose? Let's be realistic, the kid is a physical presence, always on the sideline looking to learn something.

Matt Fortuna: Scott, Riddick has delivered multiple times for the Irish so far, and his experience as a slot man always leaves that threat open when he is on the field. As for your other question, neither I nor anyone I have spoken to has ever seen Everett Golson go out for a catch, nor do I know what kind of hands he has, so I'm not sure where that idea has come from. He is a quarterback, plain and simple. Gunner Kiel has loads of potential but doesn't know what the other quarterbacks know yet, which is normal for a true freshman. And he should be engaged on the sideline, like everyone else.

Mike O'Connor from Campbell River, British Columbia, writes: Hey Matt,With everything Manti T'eo has been through and his peformances on the field falling into the "amazing" category.What else is he going to have to do to be considered for the Heisman? Play offense?Thanks,Mike

Matt Fortuna: Mike, he'll have to continue this tear the whole season, and his team will have to be in BCS consideration. I'm not saying I agree with it, but it is just so much harder for a defensive player to win the Heisman, and no linebacker has ever won it. Not taking anything away from Te'o, who deserves all of the credit he has received, but Luke Kuechly last year had probably the best single-season from a linebacker that I've ever seen in my short life, and you never heard his name under consideration.

Adam Stall from Everywhere, S.C., writes: Your an idiot.

Matt Fortuna: To steal a line from my friend Brian Hamilton: This is never not funny.