Notre Dame chat wrap: Oct. 11

Thanks again for stopping by to chat. As always, a transcript is here.

Some highlights:

  • Don (Chicago): What is the biggest thing the Irish need to worry about with this Stanford offense? Haven't seen them since Andrew Luck left.

  • Matt Fortuna (1:58 PM): Don, those tight ends. Levine Toilolo is 6-foot-8. Zach Ertz is 6-foot-6. Both go out and get the ball often. Stanford is 10-1 in games Ertz catches a TD. They present a challenge like no other.

  • Josh (Tampa, FL): Before the season started many declared NDs schedule the hardest in the country. Hypothetically speaking if ND, Bama, and Oregon all ran the table. Would there be any scenario why Oregon would play in the NC game instead of Notre Dame?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:01 PM): Josh, it's tough to say at this point. Oregon hasn't really beaten anyone, but it would, in theory, have beaten USC probably twice and Stanford as well. It's tough to leap teams already slated ahead of you, but, as we saw last week, so much can happen between now and then that a conversation about this through five games is nothing more than fun.

  • Josh (Columbus, Ohio): We all know thetackles will be there every game, so my question for you is this...How many turnovers will Manti Te'o have to create to get the invite to the Heisman Ceremony?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:15 PM): Josh, good question. The Honey Badger wasn't even the best cornerback on his team last year, but he made the most game-changing plays on defense and on special teams. Again, this isn't my personal opinion, but a defensive player simply has to put up more than just big numbers to have a real shot at winning and making a dent on the national scene. I'm not sure there's a specific number Te'o would have to hit, but several plays like the ones he made against Michigan -- along with more ND wins -- seems like the best chance of getting an invite to NY.

  • Michael (Indianapolis): Why is it that so many people seem surprised by Notre Dame's success this year? They are essentially the same team they were last year, give or take a few players, without the turnovers. Isn't that the main reason for their lack of success last year?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:20 PM): Michael, yes, because the team trips over itself more often than not, so it's hard to predict when that will eventually turn around. They had no answer at QB and big secondary issues, too, along with that schedule initially looking much more difficult than it's turned out to be.