Kelly endows Assumption scholarship

After Brian Kelly delivered Saturday's commencement address at his alma mater, Assumption College, the school announced that the Notre Dame coach will endow a $250,000 football scholarship.

"I am very proud to be an Assumption College alumnus," Kelly said in a release. "Establishing this scholarship is my way of giving back and saying thanks to all the people at Assumption who taught me, mentored me and helped shape me. This is a very special community with a spirit that helps students thrive in every aspect of their lives."

The school will match that scholarship amount with the same scholarship amount for female athletes.

"Assumption is deeply grateful for this gift," Assumption College president Francesco C. Cesareo said in a release. "Brian has chosen to make the very significant contribution to demonstrate his appreciation for his Assumption education and experience. Football was an important component of his education here, and he wants to support others who can benefit from Assumption."

"The College also recognizes the importance of balancing the scholarship resources available for male and female athletes," Cesareo added. "We're thrilled Brian is offering this football scholarship, and the College trustees were very happy to approve additional and equal scholarship dollars for female athletes."

Kelly's commencement address Saturday highlighted his time in school and his pre-coaching life after college. He also had high words for this year's valedictorian, football captain and linebacker Nick DiAntonio.

From the Worcester Telegram & Gazette's John Conceison:

"I don't think it's (all) about greatness," Kelly said. "What I want to tell you today is be good at what you do, be consistent at what you do, be solid at what you do because that will pave the way for great things later."

"Remember one last thing, which I think we are missing today," he added. "Observe the golden rule. Treat others the way we'd like to be treated. Please carry that with you. I think I have carried that with me my entire life, and it has served me well. I love Assumption College, I love what it did for me and what it does for me on a day-to-day basis."