How to define Charlie Weis

ESPN's Tommy Tomlinson caught up with Charlie Weis recently for an in-depth profile of the former Notre Dame coach. Not surprisingly, Weis has a lot to get off his chest, particularly as it relates to his alma mater and how the school treated him after he was fired.

From Tomlinson:

(Weis' son) Charlie Jr. was on track to enroll at Notre Dame. Weis says (university president Rev. John) Jenkins himself had promised that he would be accepted, as long as his grades and test scores qualified, which they did. But after Weis was fired, Notre Dame sent a letter deferring Charlie Jr.'s acceptance. Not long after that, Weis says, he got a call from someone in Notre Dame's development office making him an offer: If he'd donate some of the money Notre Dame owed him back to the school -- "seven figures," Weis says -- Charlie Jr. could get in.

Weis said no. Charlie Jr. ended up enrolling at Florida when Weis was offensive coordinator there for a year. Then he followed his father to Kansas.

Later, Weis says, a fundraiser for the school told him that Notre Dame used the contract in pitches to donors, saying they needed to give more because the school still owed Weis so much.

Speaking of those buyouts -- which you may have heard about in the last few years or so -- Weis has apparently had some fun with them, the last of which, at least from Notre Dame's pockets, came this past December.

From the story:

Kansas is still paying him through the end of this year, $208,333 a month, but that's not a big event in the Weis house. The money from South Bend was a big event. It always arrived right before Christmas. Charlie and Maura always held a little ceremony. Last year, when the final payment of $2.1 million came in, they did it one last time. Maura got a glass of wine. Charlie got a Coors Light. And they raised a toast to old Notre Dame.