Your reaction on expectations for coaches

Clearly, those upset with Brian Kelly's early-season tantrums were not Notre Dame fans.

I asked Wednesday what you guys expect of your coach, in light of Iowa hoops coach Fran McCaffery's slamming of a chair. The responses were overwhelmingly one-sided.

Among the group:

  • boondocksaintSBI: I'm not sure exactly how the saying goes, but it is something like this:

    If you're winning, whatever you're doing is seen positively. If you're losing, whatever you're doing is seen negatively. In summary, if he yells and wins, it's fiery passion. If he yells and loses, it's a temper tantrum.

    Think about it.

  • NCNDIrish: I really dont get this line of thinking from the media on this stuff. If he was very very calm and didnt get upset after his team turned the ball over for the 4th time against South Florida, people woudl be losing their minds about that too. I say let the man coach and part of that coaching needs to be him vocally expressing his displeasure at times. I think he did that. I was more upset than he was!...more

  • NDCat27: The coaches who are not yelling at their players are crippling them for life. Everything isn't rainbows and butterflies like some would have you believe. Football is not for the timid.

    However, I do believe Notre Dame should start a figure skating team to appease those who are more PC.

  • Jayfiss: I think it's more important how the players react to their coaches' behavior, not us as outsiders. We have no idea what's actually going down on the sideline, unless they are on microphone- so what it happens to look like is immaterial in my opinion.

    These coaches who get knocked for showing emotion would get knocked if the opposite were true. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Bottom line is, no one's going to complain about the behavior of a coach if they are winning. End of story.

And some from Twitter ...

  • @GMMohr: Winning cures everything. Watch Saban.He gets livid, incredulous & sarcastic all at the same time.He also wins. No criticism.

  • @ReallyTimPat: just want him to win. I don't care what color his face is or what he says

As always, thanks for the responses. I was not expecting everyone to be in agreement on this. But like the sentiment from most of you, I think it gets brushed aside had Notre Dame been winning more this season.