PTI Timeline: Notre Dame

Notre Dame, for much of the Pardon The Interruption era, has been out of the national championship picture. That has obviously changed this year, in PTI's 11th year on the air. But the Irish have still taken up plenty of airtime on the show.

The folks at Grantland have put together a compilation of Notre Dame clips from the past decade-plus.

It wasn’t long after PTI’s launch in 2001 that Notre Dame fired football coach Bob Davie. Eleven years later, the Irish are finally back on top, ranked no. 1 and playing for the BCS title. Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser have somehow kept their jobs throughout, commenting at every turn on the fates and fortunes of the historic football program. We offer it up here as an illustration of how Notre Dame has changed in recent years, as well as how our perceptions of it have changed.

Many thanks to the fine staffs of Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable and Grantland for bringing this fun collection of clips together in such short order.

To view them, click here.