Derek Carr, Raiders QB-turned-pop superstar?

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Derek Carr had fun making his mock music video as a commercial for a Central California valley credit union.

But that was it ... it was just a spoof. Even if he and the Oakland Raiders quarterback's older brother David seem to be naturals at lip-synching in front of the camera as a modern-day Milli Vanilli meets NKOTB meets the Backstreet Boys.

"It literally took us a couple of hours, that's it," Derek Carr said with a laugh on Wednesday. "All of the takes were because I kept laughing. I couldn't even take myself serious because they had the TV prompter so I could see it, and I couldn't even take myself serious.

"But it was good. It was fun because every commercial we do with them, all we want to do is, the end goal is we want people to laugh. And if they laugh at me for it, that's good, that's what we want. I laughed at myself, so it's all good with me."

The Carr brothers have been doing a series of commercials for Educational Employees Credit Union, a sibling rivalry with Derek seemingly upstaging older brother David in an attempt to land his own music video.

This video, then, complete with Carr rocking a jean jacket with white fringe under the arms, is the culmination of said, um, rivalry.

"I didn't keep it, no, gosh, no," Derek Carr said when asked if he kept the jacket and its accoutrements. "As soon as I walked in and we had our little dressing rooms, me and my brother looked at that jacket and I was like, 'I really hope that's not the one.' And sure enough it was.

"But that's all right. We have a good relationship with them and it was a lot of fun."

It's no Raiders "Silver and Black Attack" from 1986 -- but this will do ... for now.

Carr, who finished tied for third in NFL MVP voting last season despite missing the final game with a broken right fibula, has picked up where he left off. He is completing 75 percent of his passes for 492 yards and five touchdowns without an interception.

But no, he has no illusions of a musical career after his playing days are done.

"Gosh, no," Carr said. "No. Obviously, everyone is talking about the commercial and that's great because it's for the credit union, it's for the bank, bringing awareness to them and all the work that they do with the teachers there in the Central Valley. That is our end goal.

"Obviously, people get to laugh along the way. But just to bring the awareness, if I have to wear something silly to do that, it's all right."