Tim Brown loves Raiders' pick of Amari Cooper

Tim Brown is the last wide receiver the Raiders drafted who became a 1,000-yard receiver.

Fast-forward 27 years later, and with Brown months away from enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he believes the Raiders may soon end that drought.

Brown is fired up about Oakland’s selection of Alabama receiver Amari Cooper with the No. 4 pick.

“They haven’t had a player like him in the past 10, 11 years,” Brown said in a telephone interview. “Cooper will come in ready day one. He is a complete football player and he can do anything on the football field.”

Brown does college football work for SiriusXM Radio. He said every day “it was all about Amari Cooper, Amari Cooper. It’s all you heard on Saturday.”

Brown is excited to see how Cooper and second-year quarterback Derek Carr mesh.

“If I were Derek Carr I’d be doing cartwheels over this pick,” Brown said. “Cooper can turn a 5-yard reception into a 50-yard touchdown. I’d be super-excited if I were Derek Carr .... The Raiders have someone who can do it all.”

Brown said if Cooper were to reach out to him for any advice, he’d be happy to help as the Raiders hope their long drought of drafting an impact receiver is over.