Raiders to start season against familiar face

Darrius Heyward-Bey is one of the poster children for the Oakland Raiders' recent woes.

The speedy, but not so sure-handed receiver was the No. 7 overall pick of Raiders in the 2009 NFL draft. But Heyward-Bey, despite having a decent third season with Oakland, never panned out. Oakland, in a salary-cap crisis, dumped Heyward-Bey this winter. He then turned around and signed with the Indianapolis Colts -- the very team the Raiders open the 2013 season against on Sunday.

After a somewhat disappointing career thus far, Heyward-Bey has been impressive and has worked his way into being a starter. With Andrew Luck as his quarterback, Heyward-Bey could be on the cusp of big things.

This ESPN.com Insider piece suggestsInsider Heyward-Bey could enjoy a career resurgence.

Here is a piece of the article:

In 2012, DHB was graded out as 68th among WRs in drop rate by Pro Football Focus after he caught only 41 of the 77 passes that came his way. As it turns out, though, that wasn't all on him, because only 47 of those 77 passes were classified as catchable, which means he actually only dropped six of 47 passes. This month, Heyward-Bey took part in two preseason games and caught seven of the nine balls targeted for him -- the two he didn't catch were deemed not catchable. In other words, he didn't drop any balls in exhibition action.

It will be interesting to see how Heyward-Bey starts his Colts' career against his former club.