Locker Room Buzz: Oakland Raiders

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Observed in the locker room after the Oakland Raiders' 24-20 loss to the New York Giants.

A speech for naught: Charles Woodson gave the team a pregame locker room sermon that was still resonating after the game. “Just stating the obvious,” he said in a somber room. “We’re running out of opportunities to do what we set out to do.” Sounds like the makings of another speech.

Say what? The question of the postgame media scrum was also asked of Woodson as someone wondered if, since the Raiders would be back at this same locale in a month to face the Jets, Woodson thought they’d have a better chance against them. “I’m not even thinking that far down the road,” he said. Interview over.

A solitary man: A fully dressed Terrelle Pryor sat at his locker for several minutes, alone with his thoughts, staring into space. He would address the media in a side room but seemed to be replaying the game in his head.

Bonding? The locker room was essentially cleared out by the time coach Dennis Allen’s news conference ended, but it was telling which position group was still together and bonding in a corner -- the linebackers.