Marquette King invites Marshawn Lynch to join Raiders ... sorta

Raiders trying to lure Lynch out of retirement (1:32)

Adam Schefter reports that the Raiders are looking to acquire the retired Marshawn Lynch, depending on Lynch's interest. (1:32)

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- It’s called sarcasm, we think, and right now, Marquette King has got most of it.

The Oakland Raiders punter, who has a good time on his social media accounts with fans, foes and friends alike, took to Twitter to address the reports that the Raiders are contemplating making a run at retired running back Marshawn Lynch.

A little while later on Friday, King hit Beast Mode again.

Wait, what? You think King was being serious with the rookie treatment threat? Keep in mind, in between those tweets, King sent this beauty out.

The real Green Power Ranger -- on St. Patrick’s Day, no less -- never punted a ball so far, nor, for that matter, had Lynch responded to King’s, ahem, invites.