Rickey Henderson: It hurts my heart to see Raiders leave again

OAKLAND -- To borrow from a classic lilt, the Oakland Coliseum used to be Rickey Henderson's playground when he was carving out a Hall of Fame baseball career as the greatest leadoff hitter of all time with the Oakland Athletics.

And by 2020, if not sooner, these grounds will also be a two-time former home of the Oakland Raiders, who received permission last week from the NFL to relocate to Las Vegas.

Henderson was at the A's opening-day game against the Los Angeles Angels to have the field dedicated in his name.

He grew up in Oakland, so the Raiders leaving for a second time -- they went to Los Angeles in 1982 before returning in 1995 -- affected Henderson.

"I'm a Raiders season ticket holder so that hurt my heart that they have to leave," Henderson said. "I thought that Oakland was their base, their most popular fans. I think the fans were behind them 100 percent. For us to leave once, then come back ... and leave again, I think it's hurting us a lot more."

Henderson, who visited the Raiders in training camp at Napa last summer, has said in the past that there was enough room on the current Coliseum site to build two stadiums, one for the A's and a second for the Raiders. Alas ...

"I'm really disappointed that the city and the Raiders didn't get together and work out a deal, as far as keeping the team here," he said. "But a lot of time, that comes behind business. If it's not working for one another, they're going to move, so I think that's what the Raiders did."