Ice Cube: Raiders owe Oakland a Super Bowl before leaving for Las Vegas

Ice Cube says the Raiders owe Oakland a title (1:29)

Ice Cube joins the First Take crew and airs his displeasure with the Raiders' plan to relocate to Las Vegas. (1:29)

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Ice Cube is already on record as saying the Raiders belong to Los Angeles, courtesy of their star-crossed 13-year sojourn in SoCal from 1982 through 1994.

The self-proclaimed president of Raider Nation, though, feels for his NorCal constituents when it comes to their favorite team moving from its ancestral home for the second time. This time to Las Vegas.

“I was sad they wasn’t coming to L.A.,” said Ice Cube, who grew up in Los Angeles. “But I feel sad for Oakland, straight up. I think the NFL makes so much money. They have enough money to build a stadium here. What are they doing? Why they have these teams uprooting and leaving?

“You’ve got the Chargers in L.A.? Y’all want the Chargers? Y’all can have the Chargers.”

Patrons at Oakland’s Lake Chalet waterfront seafood bar and grill did not take kindly to his idea.

They did, however, enjoy his next proposal.

“I think the Raiders owe Oakland a Super Bowl championship before they leave,” he said. “So that’s why, I think, people are going to support them.”

The Raiders, who plan on staying in Oakland for the 2017 and 2018 seasons but do not have a home for 2019 and do not want to move to Las Vegas until 2020, have sold all of their season tickets for the upcoming season.

“It’s like they’re separated,” Ice Cube said, “but they’re still living in the same house.”

Raiders owner Mark Davis has also stated his desire to leave Oakland with a Silver and Black Lombardi Trophy before the team heads to the Silver State.