Jack Del Rio shares video of Marshawn Lynch breaking off long TD run

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Coaches usually guard practice film like a state secret. But this being Jack Del Rio, and the team being the new-look, happy-go-lucky Oakland Raiders, and the player in question being Marshawn Lynch, well, this is a different time in the streets of Silver and Blackdom.

Or did you miss Del Rio tweeting out video of Lynch breaking off a 30-plus yard touchdown run at the Raiders’ OTA practice on Monday?

Of course, it went down in a non-padded practice, so there was no tackling, let alone hitting. But the 31-year-old Lynch, who is coming out of a one-year retirement, did show off that old burst up the middle and, just for spit and giggles, faked a celebratory leap into the end zone.

Hey, at least he didn’t grab his nether region on the way in, right?

Then again, Lynch had been a mere observer during the first two OTA practices open to the media the previous two weeks, so any action by Lynch in a competitive environment is newsworthy.

“#beastmode back in action during OTA#7 #ReturnToGreatness #RaiderNation,” Del Rio also tweeted.

OTA practice No. 8 of 10, and the third and final open to the media, goes down on Tuesday.