NFLN survey/Super Bowl player: Raiders

The rules were simple, really, but the choice was not. The question all 32 of our NFL Nation reporters asked 10 anonymous players on the teams they cover was this: Which player would you most like to see play in the Super Bowl ... and he could not be a teammate, nor could he have already played on Super Sunday.

By a margin of just three votes, the players chose Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (59 votes) over retiring Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez (56).

And yes, the Oakland Raiders players I surveyed felt the same -- about Peterson. Two voted for Peterson and two others went with Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III. One did, however, cast his lot with Gonzalez, who was this close to going to the Super Bowl last season. Alas ...

In our league-wide vote, 88 players received votes, with Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson (26) finishing a distant third.

No Raiders player finished in the top six, with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson fulfilling the wishes of 15 players surveyed, Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson picking up 14 votes and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick 11 votes.

The most interesting player to get a vote in the Oakland locker room? Carson Palmer.