Breaking down the Raiders' cap space

With just under one month to go until the NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders have added 11 free agents and acquired quarterback Matt Schaub in a trade with the Houston Texans since the new league year began on March 11.

The Raiders have also re-signed four of their own free agents while losing eight to other teams. They cut another.

As such, and per ESPN Stats & Information, Oakland currently has $12,573,839 in salary cap space.

So what does that leave for another signing or two or even three -- let alone the draft, in which the Raiders currently hold picks in the first (No. 5 overall), second (No. 36), third (No. 67) and fourth rounds (No. 107) as well as two in the seventh round (No.s 219 and 235)?

According to an estimate by overthecap.com, and based upon the above slotted draft positions, the Raiders are expected to allocate $6,761,589 for their draft picks, with the No. 5 selection holding an estimated cap number of almost $3.7 million.

Subtracting the estimated draft cap numbers from the reported remaining cap space gives us a non-scientific figure of $5,812,250.

Of course, the Raiders can always trade down and pick up more draft picks, as well as clear more cap space by cutting players or restructuring deals.

It's all a fluid situation.