Where do Raiders rank worldwide in salary?

A joint Global Salary Survey by ESPN The Magazine and Sportingintelligence looked at “the spending trends of 294 teams in 15 leagues in seven sports across the globe” and, among other data, came up with the average amount a team spent on a player in terms of salary.

So where did the Oakland Raiders fall in the survey?

In spending an average of $1,178,657 million per player in the 2013 season, the Raiders ranked 182nd in the world, just behind Nuremberg of the Bundesliga ($1,237,484 million) and just ahead of Japanese baseball’s Yomiuri Giants ($1,178,036 million).

Among NFL teams, the Raiders were 31st, with only the Arizona Cardinals paying their players less of an average salary ($1,123,249).

Perhaps the most surprising piece of data to come out of the survey was that the NFL, with its monster television ratings, had its top average paying team (the Minnesota Vikings, at $2,315,053 million) rank just 115th overall, “behind all 30 NBA teams, all but two major league baseball clubs and 13 of 20 English Premier League clubs.”

The survey looked at the “base” salaries of 8,663 “first-team” athletes worldwide, excluding endorsements, and it came to an amount of $16.15 billion, with the money converted to U.S. dollars.

Oakland, it should be noted, was in Year 2 of its self-described “deconstruction” in 2013 as the Raiders shed salary. As a result, they fell 26.1 percent in average salary from the previous year’s salary, dropping from 173rd to 182nd.