Carr fueled by answers from brother

ALAMEDA, Calif. – Shortly after he won the starting quarterback job for the Oakland Raiders, Derek Carr called his older brother. He wasn’t fishing to be congratulated. He was looking for tips.

“It was, 'Hey, I was named the starter; now let’s talk about the Jets,’” said Carr’s older brother, David Carr, an NFL quarterback from 2002-12. “He wasn’t wasting a lot of time.”

David said he has continued to talk to his younger brother throughout the week to give him a “template of how to go through the week.”

“I just want to be there for him,” David said. “If he has questions, I want to guide him through it.”

David, 35, said the time spent with his brother has been good for him to stay up on the game, as he is open to returning to the NFL given the right situation. He played five years with the Texans before spending time with the Giants, 49ers and Panthers. His final season was 2012.

David said he first realized Derek could be in position to begin his NFL career as a starter early in the organized team activity sessions.

“He was asking all these questions rookie quarterbacks don’t ask,” David Carr said. “It wasn’t basic stuff. It was complicated, in-depth questions. It was things veteran quarterbacks ask. I realized then he might have a chance to play early.”

When David was drafted No. 1 overall by the Houston Texans in 2002, 11-year-old Derek and the rest of the Carr family moved to Houston. Derek lived the NFL life as a child.

“He was in NFL locker rooms. He was around me; he caught on,” David said. “Around junior high is when I first thought he had a chance to be in the NFL. He was taking quarterbacking very seriously. He really knew it’s what he wanted to do.”

David plans to be in Oakland on Sept. 14 to watch his brother take on the Texans, his former team. David has high hopes for Derek, who he believes possess the correct balance of psychological and mental capacity to be a successful NFL player. Derek, David said, also has a passion for it.

“Deep down, he knows how good he can be,” David said. “He knows what it takes to do it.”