Raiders name Marc Badain as president

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Marc Badain has been named president of the Oakland Raiders and will oversee the team’s business operations and search for a new stadium, according to owner Mark Davis.

Badain has spent 23 years working with the Raiders, most recently serving as the team’s chief financial officer. He had previously worked in the team’s finance department alongside former CEO Amy Trask. He took over in an unofficial capacity after Trask and the Raiders parted ways following the 2011 season.

Badain is believed to be the first team president in franchise history.

“He has been running it for the last two years just as an interim president of this but he's been doing a phenomenal job,” Davis said. “It was just time to take the tag off. He's president. He will also be focusing on the stadium situation.”

This is the latest step Davis has taken to bring his franchise into modern business times. His father, Al Davis, served as team owner but handled all the responsibilities of a general manager and team president.

Mark Davis, who inherited the team after his father died in October 2011, changed that when he hired Reggie McKenzie to be the first general manager in team history.

Badain’s first order of business will be securing a home for the Raiders as the point man on the search for a new stadium. Davis is expected to sign a one-year lease extension with the Oakland Coliseum but isn’t committed beyond the 2015 season.

McKenzie will continue to oversee the football side of operations.

Davis believes the promotion of Badain, along with the hiring of head coach Jack Del Rio, is a signal the Raiders are moving in the right direction after more than a decade of losing.

“Things are moving” Davis said. “They've been moving, maybe not at a fast enough pace for some people, but they have been moving to this stage and we're getting there. We're not there yet but we're getting there.”