Matt McGloin retains starting QB gig

OAKLAND -- Just in case you were wondering, Matt McGloin will indeed start at quarterback for the Oakland Raiders next week against the San Diego Chargers.

At least, that’s what coach Dennis Allen said after the Raiders were blown out by the Kansas City Chiefs, 56-31, on Sunday and McGloin had a passer rating of 57.1 after throwing four interceptions and losing a fumble.

“Yeah,” Allen said, almost incredulously when asked if McGloin would start.

Still, it was a valid question after McGloin regressed in the game with every interception and Terrelle Pryor, who purportedly lost his starting job to injury, is now healthy.

Then again, it’s a long week before the Raiders hit San Diego and much can change before then, right?

Pryor, who made a pair of mid-series appearances in the game before mopping up, was not available in the postgame locker room. McGloin, meanwhile, said he was stunned by the amount of turnovers -- besides his five, the Raiders had two others -- Oakland had against the Chiefs.

“I’m at a loss for words for it,” he said. “It’s disappointing. It’s frustrating. But at the same time, we were still in the game. It was 35-31 at one point still, even with all the turnovers that we had.”

Technically, the Raiders had just five turnovers when it was 35-31.

But McGloin’s four picks and lost fumble cost the Raiders dearly as his turnovers resulted in 28 points for the Chiefs.

He did not look as settled while dropping back as he did earlier in the season and, again, began to drift in the pocket. When he’s excelled, he’s been decisive and the ball has come out almost from the moment his back foot hit the grass.

It’s almost as if he makes worse decision and throws poorer passes when he has time.

“I think that’s what happens a lot of times,” Allen said. “When you throw the ball late across the middle, those things can happen. Again, there’s no excuses. We can’t turn the ball over like that, but he is a young player.

“He’s got to go through those growing pains and that learning process. It’s tough. It’s tough on all of us, but that’s part of what we’ve got to do.”

Allen would not endure such hardships with a quarterback he did not believe in, right? Just ask Pryor. Or imagine asking Pryor.

For the game, McGloin showed shades of Marc Wilson and Jay Schroeder, QBs from Raiders past who would infuriate the Raiders fan base with their maddening brand of inconsistency.

McGloin finished with 297 yards on 18 of 36 passing and two TDs with his five turnovers.

“I’m trying to win games right now,” he said, “and I know that’s the mindset of everybody else. It’s not looking forward to the future, or looking forward to next season and just play this out.

“In this game, in this profession, that’s all you can focus on is the next one.”

As in next week, apparently.